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On the East Coast of Australia its been hot, real hot, as well as dry, very dry. Which got me thinking about plants that are coping with the approaching Armageddon.
Grevillia rhyolitica, sold commercially as “Deua Grevillea” has survived in our dry, exposed “protea garden” at Hillside with no water other than during establishment.
In three years it has almost reached its terminal height and width (1.5 x 1.5m) and seems to never be without a covering of red flowers. It has a tidy, dense form unlike many of its “gangly” cousins and now, there’s even a golden yellow flowered cultivar – “Deua Gold”
It doesn’t like constantly wet feet (who does) but this shouldn’t be a problem as the weather we’ve been having becomes our climate.
Deua Grevillea
Deua Grevillea
 b_1024_768_0_10_images_news_prune002.jpgOur talk, "The Art, Skill and Science of Pruning" is proving popular with garden clubs leading to one on weeding.
It's a task that all gardeners do on a regular basis and yet one that is written about infrequently in glossy garden magazines and picture-perfect garden books.
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